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We help hospitality operators to offer CONTACTLESS solution via automation and elevate their staying experience

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Who is Vendfun

Founded in 2020, Vendfun is a provider of multi-functional hospitality kiosks for hotels and homestays. Our flagship product called Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk was introduced to the market in Malaysia. It combines a self check-in, check-out, and walk-in booking feature with vending capabilities – making it the first of its kind to be offered in the hospitality industry. 


Be the leader in offline automation hospitality solution provider in the ASEAN region


To provide offline hospitality solutions through simplified automation

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Customer retention through Big Data Membership
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The start

Vendfun’s innovative hybrid kiosk is a brainchild of Benny Wee, a technopreneur based in Melaka.

In 2019, after his journey running a business of a smart convenience shop in an unmanned store environment had to be cut short, Benny decided to become a supplier of vending machines. The vending machines offered products of F&B, and personal care, and Benny was selling them to tourist spots, factories, and universities in Melaka.

Then, starting early 2020 the vending machine business had to take a major downturn due to no economic activities when a strict movement control order was imposed and then extended, in response to Covid-19 pandemic.

During that time, as the world was adjusting to a new normal, discussions on how future would look like started to take place in public forums and one of the popular ideas was on future with less human contacts. Many were drawn towards this topic including Benny. It was particularly interesting to him because the topic was related to his long-standing ambition – to create a unique automation solution.

So, that was when he started to link up the ambition with his experience as an international traveler checking-in at hotels — a process which he described as very long, and tedious. Looking back, he also remembered frustrations and hunger he had to endure after finding no food was available at some hotels upon his arrivals late at night.   

These personal encounters including his experience running a vending machine business as well as a smart store, have inspired Benny to create a hybrid kiosk that could provide faster check-in and at the same time, offer snacks and drinks he could buy for supper.

From there, Benny went on to build a kiosk that functions exactly like he wanted – to automate check-in and check-out services as well as to allow customers to browse and buy products.  

Forging ahead

Vendfun is fully on board with the idea of digitalization that’s been identified a key driver in the new normal we live in today.

As hotels recover from the pandemic, they no longer can rely on old ways of running a business because they can be burdensome, costly, and simply inefficient. High labor cost of managing, training, and re-training front desk staff, and, slow check-in and check-out times, for instance, are important issues that can drag a business into loss.

Vendfun believes contactless interactions we are introducing to the market are increasingly important to the hotels operating during the pandemic and beyond.

Not only we automate check-in and check-out services, but we also have introduced a kiosk that can become a new income stream to hotels – a concept that was not previously available to the hotel industry.

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