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We are a full specializing in multi-functional
hospitality kiosks for hotels and homestays.

Vendfun provides hospitality kiosks for your ease

since 2020

Founded in 2020, Vendfun is a provider of multi-functional hospitality kiosks for hotels and homestays. Our flagship product called Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk was introduced to the market in Malaysia in early 2021. It combines a self check-in, check-out, and walk-in booking feature with vending capabilities – making it the first of its kind to be offered in the hospitality industry. The same touchscreen monitor used for customer check-ins and check-outs also allows customers to browse and purchase snacks, soft drinks, toiletries, and other products offered by the hotel. The innovative idea of a multi-functional kiosk is a brainchild of our founder and CEO, Benny Wee and it was conceived in early 2020 during the hard-hitting COVID-19 pandemic.

This not only provides convenience for hotel customers, but our kiosks also become a new stream of revenue for the hotels through sales of various merchandise.

We understand that customer satisfaction is a priority for hotel operators. Therefore, we have designed our kiosks to focus on enhancing customer experience right when they step into the hotel lobby to register and during check-out.

Our Core Value





Value Added

vendfun ceo benny wee


Be the leader as an offline automation hospitality solution provider in the ASEAN region


To provide offline hospitality solutions through simplified automation

Our Founder & CEO

Benny Wee, Founder and CEO

Benny is an avid entrepreneur who is passionate about technologies.

Prior to starting up Vendfun in 2020, Benny had a short stint running into supplying vending machines. The exposure he received from these ventures has become instrumental to building his next business of developing multi-functional hybrid kiosks he named Vendfun.

At Vendfun, Benny is responsible for its strategies, product development, partnerships, sales and marketing, and its operations too. The Company made a market debut of its hybrid kiosk in early 2021.

Benny held various positions in past employments including as General Manager for Global Sales and Operations for Carestream, Country Manager for Cambrios, Director of Ecosystem for E3 Displays and Senior Manager for Atmel Corporation.

Benny graduated from Oxford Brookes University, with a Bachelor’s Degree

Our Design Philosophy

we design a technology product that fulfill exceed the market needs through research not designing a technology product that we feel what the market should need.

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vendfun hybrid kiosk

Our Solution Design To Solve
Hotel Owner & Customer Problems

We’re obsessive about knowledge transfer, so whenever we’ve developed a unique solution for your business, we’ll bring everything in-house for you to control.
Why Us?

Aim to expand into ASEAN region with 6 countries trademark registered

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