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vendfun Hotel chatbot

How Hotel Chatbots Can Improve Reservation, Frontdesk & Room Services

Are you tired of waiting on hold or struggling to communicate your needs to hotel staff? Enter the hotel chatbot and room service chatbot! These innovative digital assistants are revolutionizing the way guests interact with hotels. With their friendly and intuitive interfaces, they provide seamless and efficient communication, allowing guests to effortlessly request room service, ask for recommendations, and get instant responses to their queries.

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vendfun, self-ordering kiosk, smart kiosk

Vendfun In The News – Bernama

Vendfun once again made the headlines on the first day of October 2023 Bernama Articles 电子付费普及自动服务机需求增 · 渗透酒店旅馆提高入住退房效率 世界首台混合Kiosk大马专利 · 下榻酒店各种状况一机解决 廉价酒店翻新也难打破宿命 · 转型自动化系统开辟新市场 大马科技公司打造在地游生态系统 · 黄添华冀从酒店小区扩至政府合作 Thank you Bernama for featuring us again. You make our team feel very proud, and work harder to service more Hostels, Hospitality Outlets and F&B outlets. Like us […]

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Vendfun Smart rooms hotel rooms, AI And Machine Learning

How Smart Rooms Can Make Hotels More Efficient And Comfortable

Welcome to the world of smart rooms for hotels! In this rapidly evolving era of technology, hotels are embracing smart solutions to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations. Smart rooms offer an array of innovative features and amenities that cater to the modern traveller’s needs. From voice-activated controls to personalized settings, these rooms are designed to provide comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury. So, get ready to discover how smart rooms are revolutionizing the hospitality industry and making your stay truly exceptional.

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