Malaysia-based Vendfun introduces Hybrid Kiosk for budget hotels, homestays

vendfun hybrid kiosk

Budget Hotels in Malaysia are benefitting. Vendfun, a hospitality kiosk solutions provider based in Melaka, has launched an innovative 2-in-1 kiosk that combines self-service check-in and check-out features with vending capabilities, which will assist hotel operators to manage resources and reduce operating costs.

Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk is equipped with a 50-inch touch-screen panel that allows guests to check-in and check-out, as well as redeem promo vouchers and purchase products such as food and drinks. The patent-pending Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk is marketed to budget hotels and homestays in Malaysia and available on rental and rent-to-own bases directly from Vendfun.

budget hotels hybrid kiosk
Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk installed at GM Hotel Sunway Metro

Key features of Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk are a cashless payment facility, a passport scanner, a receipt printer, a room card dispenser, and built-in vending capabilities. The Hybrid Kiosk is also compatible with any hotel property management system (PMS) software to allow hotels to customise features of their preference.

Benny Wee, founder and CEO of Vendfun, said in a press statement that the launch of Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk comes as “many hotel operators are dealing with persistent human resources issues while scrambling to cut costs to weather the Covid-19 pandemic, and beyond”.

By automating check-in and check-out services, hotels can “increase operational efficiency and provide convenience to hotel guests”, he added.

Additionally, Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk has been touted as the first-of-its-kind product that provides a return on investment opportunity whereby hotels can create a new income stream by selling products through the kiosk.

Three units of Vendfun Hybrid Kiosks have been installed in hotels in Peninsular Malaysia, namely, Fenix Inn Hotel in Melaka, Sky View Hotel in Dengkil, Selangor; and GM Hotel Sunway Metro in Selangor.

Vendfun has been getting orders from other hotels in Selangor and they expect to install more Vendfun Hybrid Kiosks in the coming months.

The company plans to add new solutions to its kiosks soon, including memberships and e-concierge services to provide a completely elevated staying experience to guests.

As part of its roadmap, Vendfun plans to add an artificial intelligence component to the kiosks by year-end so that hotels can offer “more personalised services” and enhanced security through the use of facial recognition technology, said Wee.

Source: TTGasia