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Smart Hybrid Kiosk + Smart Locker (Coming Soon)

• Smart Locker support up to 60 lockers /
• Check in/out will be central control by
the Main Smart Hybrid Kiosk

Standalone Smart Locker for key collection and return (Coming Soon)

• Standalone Smart Locker using app to provide passcode to unlock and lock for key collection
• Can be expand up to total of 295 lockers
• Suitable for keys and access cards
• Cabinet size 42.5 x 55cm x 10cm

Standalone Smart Locker Cabinet Features

Key Audit Trail

Track history of all of your keys in and out of your system

24/7 Key Access

Keys are available to your staff 24/7, no need for admin management

Mobile App

Your team can manage access to keys anywhere, anytime

Modular system

Expandable to hundred of keys in a single location

Always Connected

Data included in your subscription, no need for wifi, works globally

Battery Backup

Stress-free in case of power outages

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